something different

Despite what you may think, food is not the only thing I think about in life. Granted, I love food and love to cook, and I enjoy sharing that passion with others. However, my passions are widespread, and I figure my blog should touch on a broader range. Here is my first attempt.

I adore fashion. Shoes. Coats. Accessories. Blouses. Structured jackets. You name it.

My love of fashion is not what you may think. I enjoy the way I feel when I wear clothes that compliment my shape and my sense of style. I feel more like myself in clothes than without them. Style is one way I explain myself to the world. It reflects my interests, quirks, humor, and mood on any given day.

Lately, these pieces combined tastefully have become my favorite outfit…

Blouse and sweater belted over skinny jeans with sparkly flats and a rad houndstooth coat.

To me this outfit is whimsical and feminine. It has a nice structured, tailored fit with humor and spunk. The houndstooth reminds me of my nana – a 1960s fashion forward dame. My blouse has polka dots and ruffles – two of my favorite things. My sweater is reminiscent of nautical wear, which again takes me back to the 60s. The shoes and belt add humor to the outfit in the form of massive, sparkly bling. I feel happy and connected to my past when I wear this outfit. I am reminded not to take life so seriously. And I can prove it…

What are your inspirations? When do you feel the most yourself?