The wait is over! For Halloween this year we went as Newsies. If you haven’t seen this early 90s Disney musical classic starring a young Christian Bale, you haven’t truly lived! That may be a bit dramatic, but it did come out when I was 7, so it is rooted in the memory of some of my most dramatic times in life. (I totally had a crush on Brooklyn and swooned every time I saw him on screen.)

I know I said we were going to do something out of Harry Potter, but we had everything we needed for Newsies, so I adjusted my plan. On that note, we were going to dress Toby up as a mandrake root and be Hogwarts students taking care of him (wearing our earmuffs, of course). He is such a fantastic screamer that we thought baby mandrake root (and its ability to knock you out with its screams) was hilariously perfect.

Another thought: a teapot. This kid gets all worked up and then shouts. In fact, people have confused our teapot for Toby. Ha!

Great ideas, too few parties to see them all into fruition, but we loved our Newsie costumes. I am already gathering ideas for next year. (I love dressing up!) What fun, homemade Halloween costume ideas do you have for little kiddos or the whole family?

Here’s a picture of Toby with his BFF Henry and Miss Rachael and myself. Henry went as the E*trade baby and Rachael and her husband went as his geeky parents. Cute!



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