we’re not pregnant!

Ha! I wish I could say I didn’t know that for a fact. But alas, my doctor made me take a pregnancy test this week when I went in for Strep. If you are like me, you’re wondering what pregnancy and Strep throat have in common. Apparently, my nausea may have been just a little too much for Strep, which led to a pregnancy test just to make sure. I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but I was still dying to know the results!!! Thankfully, they confirmed what I already knew to be true. And I got a prescription for antibiotics to get rid of these nasty germs.In another bit of good news: Toby is recovering nicely. So we celebrated with a mini photo shoot! I took these in his room with his blinds slightly open to let in some natural light. I love how they came out! He seems to glow. (That could be due to his nearly glow-in-the-dark skin, or it could be the ethereal lighting.)

This week was also a fun week for us because Toby got a new baby cousin! My brother and sister-in-law had a little boy on Tuesday (23rd) and named him Nathan Scott. His big bro, James, and big sis, Maebelle, seem to be loving their new baby brother. We are so excited to meet him when we head to Phoenix for Thanksgiving! Though we were excited for any addition to our family, we were really hoping for a baby boy cousin for Toby that would be his same age. How cool!

I will leave you with one more pic of my little guy…

He is such a character! I have no idea what he’s thinking here, but it cracks me up! I love discovering what he finds amusing – like dancing, and having his legs bitten, and snorting. Motherhood is the hardest thing I have ever had the pleasure to do.



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