vocal shot-put

My little guy can be so sweet and happy (like you see in the picture above, taken by Rachael {Hope} Photography) when he’s well rested.

And when he’s not… well…

Here’s what we are learning. Two long naps: one in the morning, one in the afternoon is the key to having a happy baby throughout the day. If he takes three short naps, he screams all the way through dinner. If he takes one long nap midday, he screams through dinner. Though David and I are quite talented, pretending not to hear him screaming is nearly impossible because of the decibels.

If there was a sport called vocal shot-put, Toby would win. No joke. David and I realize absolutely no one would be willing to put on that sport because no one could be paid enough to judge it. But our talented, future opera singer, could have been a gold-medalist. I can’t wait to see how he uses his talents. I just hope my ears survive.


2 thoughts on “vocal shot-put

  1. Two naps was also our key to success for Alex when he was under two. With a face like that, I’m sure he gets by with a lot of noise production. What’s not to love?

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