5 months

I can’t even believe that Toby is 5 months old now. Considering how rapidly he changes, time seems to go by even faster these days. He continues to amaze me with what he finds funny, his ability to manipulate objects, and even moving around more freely. David noted today that we are going to have our hands full with this little guy considering the strength of his will. Knowing what I was like as a child, I’d have to agree.

Yesterday we did a photo shoot with pair of aviators that I got for Build-A-Bear years ago! (Back story on that: My friend Lindsay was leaving for Africa in a few weeks and had a coupon for a 2 for 1 at Build-A-Bear. Thus we did the sensible thing college students do, and used her coupon on a girl date before she left. I made David a bear and since David ALWAYS wore aviators, I got the bear aviators. David was completely indifferent to the gift, as he should be as a man receiving a stuffed animal. But, he’s kept it all these years.) The funny thing is, I have been scouring for a pair of baby aviators to no avail. Then yesterday, Toby and I were looking in his closet, and there they were starring back at me on that same bear I gave to David so long ago. And… they fit perfectly!!! I was REALLY excited.

What a good sport he is! He put up with them for quite some time. I already have another photo shoot in mind where the aviators will make the perfect accessory! Stay tuned…

In other news, I’m putting the finishing touches on Toby’s nursery. Then I will take photos and blog about all the little projects I’ve done including his mobile, recovering a pillow, refinishing a mirror, making bunting, and painting letters and canvases. I love how colorful his room is, especially considering the all white walls, white carpet, and vaulted white ceilings I had to work with (since we’re renting). I realize that as soon as I’m done with his room, I’m going to want to tackle some other projects, the question is what to do first?



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