the month of july

The month of July flew by for us. There were so many highlights with Toby including a lot of firsts: airplane ride, solid foods, rolling over, laughing, painting, going to the butterfly gardens, and meeting his cousins.

We even got to do a little photo shoot at our dear friends’ house after swimming with Toby’s best bud Henry. Rachael was kind enough to snap a few pictures of Toby and I laughing together.

Every time he smiles, my heart fills with joy. He is so precious. I am so thankful to Rachael that she was willing to capture those moments for us.

This month has also had its challenges. David and I are continuing the process of looking for a new church home. We are prayerfully considering a few different churches, and have found it difficult to know exactly where God wants us. Meanwhile, we are deeply missing the community and fellowship we had been a part of at our former church.

Additionally, Toby’s reflux began to flare up when he started eating solid foods. It peaked the day we went to visit his GI doctor. I have never heard screams that shrill before in my life. Poor guy. I have been put back on a dairy free diet and Toby is on a medicine to help repair the lining of his esophagus in addition to his Prevacid. It has been a rough road, but he seems to be thriving on these new changes.

He’s even feeling well enough to rock the faux hawk. :) You may have also noticed how chubby he has gotten! For the first time (in his very short life) he keeps growing “out” but has failed to grow “up.” Thus, he is on his way to starring in a Michelin tire commercial.

This month has also been about finishing up Toby’s nursery. I will do another post shortly on all of the finishing touches I’ve been working on. The website that keeps me inspired and motivated to do these various projects is Pinterest. If you haven’t already checked it out, take a look. It is a site dedicated to organizing visual bookmarks of things you don’t want to forget. My husband used to get so annoyed with how many tabs I would keep open on our browser. No more! I can pin them to an appropriate category on Pinterest and return to them later. How cool! Alright, I’ll leave you with this adorable picture of my little guy getting ready to roll over.




2 thoughts on “the month of july

  1. What a cute little guy! Thanks for sending the pictures so we get to watch him change and grow.
    With love from
    Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa Groshong

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