mustaches and airplanes

We are taking our sweet boy to Phoenix this weekend to celebrate the Fourth of July with my family. It is hard to conceptualize leaving Boulder and its gorgeous weather for Phoenix in July, but we are excited to see Grandpop & Grandmere, Uncle Nate & Aunt Amanda, Cousin James & Cousin Maebelle, and Nana & Grandpa Ed.

Getting there will be the most interesting part – Toby’s first plane ride! We are a little nervous, especially since I get plane sick and Toby will need to sit in our laps, but wish us luck! We are excited to spend some time pool side with Toby, grilling, and trying to beat the heat.

One way we’ve managed to beat the heat here at home is stripping down for fun photo shoots in Toby’s room. This mustache picture is from our most recent photo shoot. Toby’s Aunt Laura and Uncle Jon found this mustache in a vending machine and we couldn’t resist putting it on Toby! He found it a bit odd at times, which made for some hilarious moments, including the one below.

Have a great fourth!




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