beets, beets, and more beets

Considering the diet I was put on gave me all of 5 veggie options, beets became one of my new go-to foods. My husband couldn’t have been more thrilled! He loves beets. I, on the other hand, grew up with beets one way: Grandma’s pickled beets. Let’s just say everyone was a fan, but me. I had avoided beets for years, until about a month before I gave birth. My dear husband came home with a bag full and big grin. What’s a girl to say? He was so excited and I didn’t want to crush him with my anti-beet propaganda. So, I let him make me beets. He sliced the beets and roasted them in the oven with olive oil, balsamic, rosemary, salt and pepper. Then he sauteed the beet greens with olive oil, salt and pepper. He plated the roasted beets over the greens and stared at me tentatively for approval…

They were… delicious! The greens offered a nice tart contrast to the sweetness of the beets. I was pleasantly surprised! When a few months later beets became one of my only sources of sustenance, I was confident that I wouldn’t starve. Though we had to nix the rosemary, pepper and balsamic, we made an iteration of the same beets I fell for months before and they were delicious.

We also put beets (and their greens) in stir fry with asparagus, chicken, and carrots over rice or rice noodles with a honey, white vinegar, olive oil sauce (my go to sauce for weeks considering those were the only three ingredients I could choose from). Other than dyeing the chicken and the rice/rice noodles pink, it was another excellent way to eat beets.

Another way we used beets was by roasting them with sweet potatoes. It offered a sweet and texture rich side to whatever protein we made (likely chicken, again, considering my options).

What are your favorite ways to eat beets? Do you have any recipes I should try?

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