5 year anniversary

First Date (2005)

Today I have the privilege of celebrating 5 wonderful years of togetherness with my husband. I am blown away by our journey together and how much we’ve grown over the course of our relationship. Our story is fairly complicated and unique, as are most, but it clearly resembles God’s grace, purpose, and sense of humor.

David and I were best friend before I realized I was in love with him and he with me. We bonded over our mutual desire for deep friendship, community, and authenticity. Our friendship started as a battleground for both of us over our faith and trust in God. In that process a deep seated love for each other and God developed. When we finally realized our mutual affection, we took a few months to even consider what dating would look like for us in the attempt to be intentional, wise, and preserve our friendship. Once we started dating, we knew we’d never stop, so we might as well take some time on the front end to work on having a healthy relationship…

We are both amazed that it’s been 5 years. It seems a lifetime ago. Who we were then is not who we are now, but our relationship remains constant and ever growing. It may seem silly to celebrate 5 years of dating now that we are married, but it’s truly a celebration of where God has taken us in the last 5 years both individually and together.

The rest of this post is merely about sharing memories. It’s probably more for me and David than for you, but feel free to reminisce with me.

one year anniversary

lake tahoe 06

date night 06

paris 07

date night 07

three year anniversary



one year wedding anniversary

my 25th birthday date

Something that I have been thinking about lately is that I have been with my husband for 20% of my life. Considering the first 40% are hard to remember and the middle 40% aren’t always worth remembering, my husband is tied into the most important, memorable years of my life and always will be. That’s pretty cool.

4 thoughts on “5 year anniversary

  1. Congratulations on 5 years of dating and 1 and a half years married! Very interesting and nice pictures, too.

    We love you both!
    Grama & Grampa Groshong

  2. I’m all smiles. Thanks for the post, darling.

    By the way, I’m pretty sure you’re getting hotter as time goes on.

  3. I was going back trying to delete old posts in my Cox account (which hasn’t been working correctly since January). I just saw this post.

    So…I just have to ask, exactly what do you consider your first date? Where did you go, what did you do? I remember the outfit being a BIG deal.

    I can’t believe it has been 5 years. WOW! Soon the puppy and then the …

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