For those of you who know me, you know that I am somewhat obsessed with cheese. I love cheese!! From the subtle to the stinky, I am a cheese fanatic! So, for my birthday, I begged David to take me to the Cheese Importers in Longmont to purchase some specialty cheeses. The great thing is, he loves cheese, too, and was more than happy to grant my wish!

The Cheese Importers is really quite wonderful. They have a large refrigerated room devoted to cheese from various regions across the world. They offer samples of cheeses, crackers, and olives while you freeze (aka shop). We decided on three.

Dutch Gouda – sharp and nutty, great with walnuts

French Brie – creamy and delicate, great with sourdough and pears

Spanish Goat – rich and pungent, excellent with water crackers and raisons

David also picked up various olives from the olive bar, which offers over 20 different varieties.

We put all of our delicious finds together with water crackers, sourdough bread, raisons, pears, and walnuts. It was an amazing birthday treat! And of course, now I’m craving more…

What cheeses to  you like and what do you pair with them?


2 thoughts on “say CHEESE!

  1. Have you tried any of the MouCo cheeses? They’re from Ft. Collins. The ColoRouge is amazing. I like it with almonds and cherry compote.

  2. Hey, I like that “cheeseboard”, lol.

    Some memories for me-
    I love Gouda, it always brings back memories of the first time I had it. I was with my dad on a business trip to The Netherlands. I learned to eat it there with a chunk of a baguette. For years, that was a picnic staple on a road trip or on a hike.

    I have Brie out “ripening” right now. Hoping to have it for lunch. Again, great memory from a trip to Paris.

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