sigur rós

Sigur Rós is hands down one of my absolute favorite bands. After discovering them for myself in 2005, I have not had a single experience since where they were not a major part of the soundtrack of my life. The music of Sigur Rós touches me in way I can’t put words to, nor have I experienced often with other music. Have you ever heard something that resonates with you so deeply that you’re unsure of how to describe it?

Sigur Rós are from Iceland and their lyrics tend to be in a made up language. So in terms of singing along, it’s not the easiest. However the movement of sound, experience and layering of emotion, and the ability to engage with the music is unrivaled. I absolutely adore Sigur Rós. I have been fortunate enough to see them live in concert twice: once at Coachella and once at Red Rocks – seriously, some of the best shows I’ve ever seen to date.

Now the lead singer of Sigur Rós has a side project called Jónsi that is playing a show in Denver in a few weeks. And, I am so excited to say David scored us free tickets through Radio 1190 in Boulder! I am thrilled beyond words! The experience, I’m sure, will only affirm the genius of Jón, the lead singer of Sigur Rós and Jónsi.

Meanwhile, I’d love to share Sigur Rós and Jónsi with you. Check the links. It may change the way you experience music or life. (Or maybe I’m just dramatic.) Let me know.

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