11th grade lit and butterscotch cookies

It seems a world away, sitting in AP lit class with Mrs. Slocum, learning the nuances of grammar and the beauty of literature, enjoying her stare down those who dared to act up in class, anticipating the opportunity to read out loud, hoping it would be the day I desired most: butterscotch cookie day…

Among Mrs. Slocum’s many talents, she makes the absolute best butterscotch cookies I have ever had the pleasure to taste. And on rare occasions, she would graciously bake them for her many classes. We could each have two, unless by some rare form we bargained a classmate out of his. What a treasure! I would eat my first one rapidly merely because I lacked restraint. My second, I hoarded – waiting until the moment when I could no longer bear it. Then I would take my time to enjoy my golden treasure down to the last crumb.

These days were few and far between, understandably so. I can’t imagine baking hundreds of cookies for rowdy, unruly high school students. However, what made these days of flowing butterscotch better was knowing what a rare treat these cookies were – a secret and heavily guarded recipe known only to Mrs. Slocum herself! Alright, other people probably knew, but I didn’t, which made them all that more desirable.

Upon graduating, Mrs. Slocum offered a few of her students her cherished recipe, if they asked for it. I was one of those students. Unfortunately, I lost it. Go figure. Cherished golden cookie gone. Ah, but my luck had not quite run out! The modern marvels of the internet saved me from a life without butterscotch cookies in the form of a facebook status update by a girl I had attended high school with. She was making the recipe! She HAD the recipe! And so… I begged.

And there it was… the recipe to the amazing cookies I cherished in my adolescence!

Obviously, this is not a recipe I can share freely, out of respect for Mrs. Slocum and my classmates. But I can share my enjoyment with you!


3 thoughts on “11th grade lit and butterscotch cookies

  1. Emma – I’m so glad you found my Mom’s cookie receipe…I made them myself just the other day and shared them with a few co-workers (one of them being a former PC Grad who also has great memories of my mothers stares and cookies.) I hope it is okay for me to share your blog with my mom I think she will enjoy it greatly :)

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