freelance graphic design

As I continue to have copious amounts of free time, I have begun doing some graphic design freelance work for friends and family. Some of you may remember that during my time at ASU I worked as a graphic designer. Though it seems like an eon ago, it hasn’t actually been that long. After ASU I took a much needed break from the field to pursue my interests in counseling. Since I graduated with my master’s in counseling, I have only been able to find short-term consulting jobs in the fields of academic research and graphic design. It seems like at least for right now, pursuing consulting jobs is my only viable option financially. And now that I’m back in Adobeland, I’m thinking about starting a small freelance design business…

I’d like to share some projects I’m working on:

This is a website I designed for my dad’s HR consulting firm,

This is a potential two-sided business card I’m working on
for the rebranding of Hillside Lawn Maintenance in Boulder, CO.

It feels good to be back in the world of design, though I’m intimated to do so since it has been a while. I potentially have another project coming in tomorrow to work on print design for a dance studio opening in Boulder. I’m excited and nervous at the same time!

What are your thoughts? Should I consider marketing myself?

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