perfectly cooked steak

I’m not going to pretend red meat is my favorite thing. It’s not – by a long shot. It conjures up memories of gristle, excess chewing, and A1 steak sauce. Shivers. However, when executed perfectly, red meat can be absolutely succulent. I’m a sucker for a good burger anytime, but today I’m talking about steak.

Like most people, filet mignon is my favorite cut – of course, it’s the most expensive! The trouble with steak is how to get that excellent browned crust on the outside without overcooking it to the point of tough, gristly grossness. I like my steaks medium, but this trick will work across the gamut of doneness.

Here it is:

When seasoning the steak prior to cooking, do an even mixture of salt, pepper, and SUGAR.

I know, I know, that sounds crazy! Let me finish.

After applying this mixture to both sides, sear the steak in a saute pan over medium high heat. The sugar will actually cause caramelization – that delicious brown crust – more rapidly and the sugary flavor will burn off. After searing, finish the steak over the grill or even in the oven until the perfect doneness for your own tastes.

Talk about delicious steak for a delicious price! This is such a simple way to make restaurant quality steak at home for a price you can swallow.

What is your favorite way to cook steak? What are your at home tricks?

*The picture above: Filet mignon with a balsamic red wine reduction, au gratin potatoes, and grilled asparagus.


3 thoughts on “perfectly cooked steak

  1. What kind of meat cuts were you eating that were gristly and overly chewy? It sounds like an old cow or something. I agree, steak sauce has got to ruin a steak.

    My uncle, the chef, always said to salt and pepper both sides and then drag in olive oil on both sides. Put on a broiler or grille (and hope for the best (they are MY words, lol)) He could get it perfect every time. I also like mine preferably with Bearnaise sauce which I make and keep in the freezer for the occasion when we are having steak.

  2. Sounds delicious! We’ll try it that way. I like mine “burnt-like” on the outside but it’s hard to get it that way without getting it over-done. So we’ll try your recipe.


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